Innolite Limited Warranty terms                                                                         2013-02-12

This document may be updated without further notice.

Innolite Design ABs products are designed for XC- and Marathon racing purpose only, with an intention to help already fast riders to be more successful in competitions. Innolite Design AB strongly recommend all users of our products to check regularly (after every run) for damages of structural nature, loosen bolts or other symptoms that may indicate a hidden damage or something that may initiate a damage, and replace with new or known good parts. Always use well known torque meter suitable for the actual torque when mounting and checking torque of bolts. Check torque of bolts regularly (every 2nd-3rd run) but DO NOT exceed max torque of the bolt in question.

Innolite Design ABs warrants all products to be free from defects in workmanship and material for one year from the date of purchase through an Innolite official dealer or distributor.  If your product included a form or manual with warranty terms in the packaging that differs from the warranty terms posted at, terms at is to be consider most current and valid. The warranty is non-transferable and valid only for the origin purchaser.

  •         Innolite Design ABs products that have been modified in any way are not warrantable.
  •         Innolite Design ABs products that have failed due to abuse or lack of maintenance are not warrantable.
  •         Innolite Design ABs products that have failed due to incorrect installation or careless handling are not warrantable.
  •         Innolite Design ABs products that have failed due to fall are not warrantable.
  •         Innolite Design ABs products that have been damaged in shipping are not warrantable.
  •         Any labor costs involved with removal, replacement or reassembly are not warrantable.
  •         Innolite Design ABs products purchased through any unauthorized dealer (eBay or otherwise) are not warrantable and are sold as-is.
  •         Finish and aesthetics are not warrantable.

Extended terms regarding rims

  •         Titanium spokes are not tested by Innolite Design AB and till further notice are rims built with such not yet warrantable. Innolite Design AB recommend Sapim CX-Ray or steel spokes with approximately same cross section area in the reduced section (09mm x 2,3mm = 2,07mm2).
  •         Damage due to inflate pressure higher than specified for the model is not warrantable.
  •         Tensiometer should be used while building up a wheel and the builder are responsible that max tension for the rim in question does not exceeds.
  •         Damages due to compressed tire or its consequences are not warrantable. Tip, apply for Crash Replacement Rim for limited warranty under the Support tab.

Extended terms regarding handlebars

  •         Failure due to use of handlebars (or other mounted devices) are not covered by warranty.

Extended terms regarding seatposts

  •         Failure in the area where the seatpost clamp tightens the seat tube to the seatpost is not covered by warranty.

Warranty service

Warranty is determed by Innolite Design AB only. Proof of purchase, including date of purchase is required to obtain warranty. If goods sent to Innolite Design AB for warranty determination is denied, the customer will be responsible for return of the material in question. Innolite Design AB recommend a first stage warranty determination according to following work flow:

  1.        Customer shall in first hand contact the dealer or distributor from which the product was purchased and show the damaged product and explain how he/she noticed the damage and if possible how it happened.
  2.        The dealer or distributor shall then document the explanation (text report) and document the damage with photos which also shows the overall product, which shall be emailed to

The sender of goods to Innolite Design AB are responsible for the shipping.

No dealer or distributor are allowed to make representations of Innolite Design ABs products without permissions from Innolite Design AB.

If sent goods is of Innolite Design AB considered being warrantable and the product in question has expired and replaced with an updated version, Innolite Design AB reserves the right to replace the warrantable product with the updated version which may differ in weight and graphics.