Innolite Design AB was started 2010 after a reorganization. Innolite was founded by Ulf Johansson who started with mtb racing 1996. At the time carbon fiber composite (carbon fiber) was quite unusual material used in bikes. Earlier Ulf had been competing with motorcycles in the disciplines motocross and roadracing. In roadracing carbon fiber was already introduced and used in silencers among other parts. Since the silencer often broke if the driver crashed, Ulf decided to start 1991 to make these silencers for his own usage and for selling, because they were expensive to buy. Here the first experiences with carbon fibre composite manufacturing techniques was started. 2000 Ulf started to study for machinery engineering at KTH in Stockholm with direction lightweight structures where fiber composites comprised a large portion.

An essential idea for Innolite has always been to optimize the bike for its purpose. 1996 the potential for improvements of mtb’s were quite high. First component that was made was a handlebar of carbon fibre, then quick releases made of aluminum and titan, then disc brake rotors of aluminum covered with a ceram, then the superlight 26” clincher rim which in the lightest version weight only 220 g!

The name “Innolite” describes actually the philosophy of Innolite: lightweight components thanks to innovative designs. It’s Innolites ambition to offer the already fast athlete components that takes the athlete to the finish line a little bit quicker. All components have been designed from a competition cyclist’s perspective, and it’s only a cyclist who can tell what’s important and not. Every component has been made of the finest available material, without compromises.